Flexible transport for miscellaneous stuff

Sending a package is easy. It becomes a hassle when the shipment doesn’t fit in your car or you do not have the option to drive yourself. What to do with a couch, washing machine or office chair? 

Sjipit offers a solution! Our app matches your shipment with available space in trunks. You come into contact quickly with reliable entrepeneurs. Those Sjippers make use of their cars, buses or vans while on the road anyway.

  1. Install the app or go to my.sjipit.com

    Create an account and start your first shipment.

  2. Place your shipment

    You can arrange the details with the transporter.

  3. Hand over your shipment

    Convenience at a lower cost.

Sjipit offers the solution, be a part!

Do you regularly buy or sell stuff that doesn’t fit in a box? Sjipit offers individuals and companies the chance to ship all kinds of stuff. 

Get started with Sjipit

Make money with your spare space

Are you an entrepreneur of any kind and do you frequently have free space in your car of van? Wouldn’t it be nice to take something with you for someone else. And in the process get payed too! A saloon table, citybike or drum kit… There will never be a shortage of shipments, plenty will be for the direction you are heading.

Sjipit brings you into contact with people that want to give you something to take along your road. Our app matches your trips with available shipments. End the days of transporting air!

  1. Check your smartphone

    Enter your destination, view the shipments and place a bid.

  2. Get the order

    You can arrange the details with the sender.

  3. Increase your income

    Pick up the shipment and earn an extra buck with your ride.

Why so complicated?

"I hated it to drive back empty. While driving happily towards the destination, driving back was for nothing. I thought: there has to be a better solution for this nowadays."

Arnoud van Werkhoven,
Creator of Sjipit

Not your ordinary

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