Flexible transport for miscellaneous stuff

If you ever bought or sold anything on eBay or Marktplaats, you'll know the problem. Sending a package is easy, but larger stuff is a hassle. What to do with a couch, washing machine or an office chair?

Sjipit offers the solution! We automatically match your shipment with available space in trunks. You quickly come in contact with reliable transporters. This way you make smart use of a car, truck or van already on the road anyway.

  1. Install the app or go to my.sjipit.com

    Create an account and start your first shipment.

  2. Place your shipment

    You can arrange the details with the transporter.

  3. Hand over your shipment

    Convenience at a lower cost.

Something to ship?

Place your shipment fast and easy on Sjipit. We make sure your stuff carpools within 5 days with vans already going in the same direction for example. You coordinate the time of collect and delivery with the transporter. That's unusual flexible.

Get started with Sjipit
Buffetkast Amsterdam - Rotterdam € 45
Tuinset Eindhoven - Breda € 55
Gasfornuis Rucphen - Doetinchem € 50
Kledingkast Zaanstad - Hillegom € 42.50
Rieten stoel Breda - Schiedam € 30

"Binnen twee dagen had ik mijn buffetkast in huis. Ik raad iedereen Sjipit aan.”


“Een verhuisbedrijf dat net op de terugweg was reageerde heel snel, binnen twee uur had ik alles binnen”


"Wát een service, mijn gasfornuis werd zelfs naar boven gebracht!"


"Sjipit maakte de aankoop van mijn kledingkast zó veel makkelijker”


"Zo simpel en professioneel had ik dit nooit verwacht"


Not your ordinary

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