What is Sjipit?

Sjipit is the marketplace for the transport of stuff. A revolutionary app for supply and demand of transportation of goods. Think bug stuff, weird stuff, cumbersome stuff and special stuff that will hitch a ride with entrepeneurs. When they have spare space in their trunks the sender can profit. The Sjipit app is downloadabl in the Apple App store and Google Playstore. Take a look at the Sjipit commercial.

Is Sjipit free of charge?

Sjipit will always be free for senders. The first 1000 transporters that sign up can also use Sjipit for free in 2016. With that subscription however they are limited to a maximum of five shipments per month. Find out more about our pricing.

What do I have to do to transport goods or have goods transported?

The platform brings together suppliers and carriers on the basis of locations and destinations, which they have indicated on the platform. In the app, you enter your location and/or destination, so that demand and supply for transport can be put in contact with each other. Take a look at the Sjipit commercial.

Am I paid for the transport of goods? And by whom?

Businesses who have a valid and demonstrable Chamber of Commerce registration number can become Sjipit carriers. This means that whenever they transport something, they can be paid by the supplier. The supplier and carrier agree on any remuneration and Sjipit is not involved in this.

What is so special about Sjipit?

The cost advantage for both the supplier as well as the carrier lead the way. A carrier generates extra income on trips that he or she would be taking anyway and the supplier benefits from this, because the costs that would be incurred are often lower than with traditional transport services. Sjipit is simple, sustainable and efficient, making the platform suitable for pretty much everyone.

What happens if goods are delivered too late, or not at all?

Sjipit is a platform that brings the supplier and the carrier together. The agreements and the entire logistical process take place outside of the platform on location, via direct contact between those involved.

Can I use any means of transport?

Yes, any legally permitted means of transport may be used.

Who collaborates with Sjipit?

Sjipit believes in partnership and the Sharing Economy and in the future intends to work with online market places, internet auctions and all other parties and individuals in need of transport.

Why would I entrust my merchandise to someone I don't know?

Sjipit has consciously opted to allow only businesses with a valid and demonstrable Chamber of Commerce registration number to sign up as carriers with Sjipit. We work on the assumption that these entrepreneurs are capable of dealing with projects in a business-like and professional manner.

Can I add shipments via the Sjipit website?

Currently you need the IOS or Android app to add a shipment or to place your bid for transport. Soon you will be able to do the same via the website of Sjipit. As soon as we know more we will communicate about it.

Are my shipments insured?

At this moment Sjipit is talking to insurance companies to explore the possibilities for an insurance of shipments. As soon as we know more we will communicate it. Sjipit expects transporters to have an insurance and that in the case of a mishap that senders and transporters solve problems with each other.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of Sjipit?

You can find our terms and conditions (soon in English, currently in Dutch) here.

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