Free Sjipper

0 p/month Forever
  • 2 shipments p/month1
  • 1 open bid2
  • 1 favourite region
  • Self support

Starter Sjipper

0 p/month For the first 1000 sjippers in 2016 (after that € 9,99 p/month)
  • 5 shipments p/month1
  • Unlimited bids
  • 3 favourite regions
  • E-mail support (8x5)

Professional Sjipper

€ 39,99 p/month for all sjippers in 2016 (after that € 49,99 p/month)
  • Unlimited shipments
  • Unlimited bids
  • Unlimited favourite regions
  • E-mail & phone support (8x5)
  1. A shipment for which the sender accepted the bid from the transporter counts as one shipment. Even if both parties do not come to a mutual agreement at a later stage.
  2. A transporter's bid counts as open as long as the sender did not accept a bid. A bid is no longer open when the sender selected a transporter or when the transporter retracted the bid.

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